This is Galaxy’s blog.

Since the contents mean more than the cover, thus no time spent on this cover.

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Read Jekyll Quick Start

Complete usage and documentation available at: Jekyll Bootstrap

Writing instructions

  1. rake post title="English title used for slug" tags="Tags, divided by, Comma"
  2. Edit prompted file and set title to proper Chinese ones for real display.
  3. git add ./_posts/2013-05-03-that-post.md or rm it to cancel.


  • ![](/assets/images/2015/1ofPlaned.jpg)
  • <font color="navy">注:</font>

Update Author Attributes

In _config.yml remember to specify your own data:

title : My Blog =)

author :
  name : Name Lastname
  email : [email protected]
  github : username
  twitter : username

The theme should reference these variables whenever needed.

Sample Posts

This blog contains sample posts which help stage pages and blog data. When you don’t need the samples anymore just delete the _posts/core-samples folder.

$ rm -rf _posts/core-samples

Here’s a sample “posts list”.


This theme is still unfinished. If you’d like to be added as a contributor, please fork! We need to clean up the themes, make theme usage guides with theme-specific markup examples.